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The Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science is the new name of our formerly Cuadernos de Difusión. Hence, we are including articles written in both languages, English and Spanish, broadening our scope to a larger audience. The Journal of Economics Finance and Administrative Science aims to provide the most relevant research and current developments in all the fields of the administrative sciences worldwide. In order to accomplish our purpose, the articles go through a rigorous process of evaluation and selection, according to international editorial conventions.

Volume 21, Issue 41, December 2016

Table of Contents

Peter Yamakawa T.
December 2016
Bin Peng, Fei Peng
Accepted 15 June 2016
Álvaro Tresierra Tanaka, Claudia Marilia Carrasco Montero
Aceptado el 4 Julio de 2016
Anup Kumar Bhandari, Arun Sudarsan
Accepted 16 June 2016
Mateo Velásquez Giraldo, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Betancur, Paula María Almonacid Hurtado
Aceptado el 16 Junio de 2016
Fekri Ali Shawtari, Milad Abdelnabi Salem, Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, Omar Alaeddin, Omer Bin Thabit
Accepted 23 June 2016
Amin Hedayati Moghaddam, Moein Hedayati Moghaddam, Morteza Esfandyari
Accepted 1 July 2016